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Special Announcement:
San Francisco Sustainable Products Training© ,
Presidio Golden Gate Club

February 2-3, 2005

You are cordially invited to attend the Sustainable Products Training© Event the hosted by the Northern California Green Building Council and State of California in conjunction with the Institute for Market Transformation to Sustainability (MTS).

The program is summarized below.

* Event Date: February 2-3, 2005
* Location: Presidio Golden Gate Club, San Francisco
* Cost: $395
* Registration & Agenda Link:

Credible Standards & Products Meeting Them.
The Event will cover credible, transparent, consensus and life cycle based Sustainable Products Standards and products meeting them, such as the Unified Sustainable Textile Standardİ for carpet, fabric & apparel. Leading governments have indicated that they will be using the Standard for purchasing in 2005. The transparent, consensus and life cycle Sustainable Products Standards are at

Event Purpose:
Improve Global Sustainability.

The Event's purpose is to educate important decision makers about these Standards and products meeting them, to increase their market penetration and the subsequent global environmental, social and economic benefits. The demand for this credible standards based information is increasing substantially every year.

Event Sponsors:
The Event has over 200 Sponsors that are leading environmental groups, governments, publications and companies.

Keynote Speakers:
Scott Muldavin, CEO, The Muldavin Company, the national expert on Green Mortgage Backed Securities projected to take green building market penetration to 70% in five years & cheaper cost of capital for green buildings, and
Terry Tamminen, Cal EPA Secretary (invited) on California's commitment to green building;
Craig Sheehy, Thomas Properties will provide a summary of economic benefits of managing the LEED certified CalEPA Building.

Event Topics:
All participants receive the 700 page peer reviewed Sustainable Products Training Manualİ, continuing education credits and organic meals. The Event also has an Exhibitor display including clean vehicles, a 200% Green Power Offset improving Bay Area Air Quality, and national experts on sustainable products, green buildings, and clean vehicles. These experts will cover important emerging issues like:

  • Recently Approved LEED Existing Building and Commercial Interiors Standards:
    Mike Arny, LEED EB Chairman
    Keith Winn, LEED CI Contractor
  • Amended Sustainable/EPP Textile Standard for Carpet, Fabric and Apparel & California Adoption:
    Mark Ryan, Invista/Dupont
  • Life Cycle Based Sustainable Products Purchasing & SF Precautionary Purchase Ordinance:
    Debbie Raphael, City of San Francisco
  • FSC Certified Wood Products:
    Lewis Buchner, CEO, EcoTimber
    Kate Heaton, NRDC
  • Increasing Market Penetration of Hybrid Vehicles
  • California EPP Product Standards:
    Panama Bartholomy, California State Architect
  • Cleaner & Greener Energy Efficiency Certification & Green-e Power
  • Certified Organic Products including Food, Fiber, Fabric, Apparel and Carpet
  • Social Equity Indicators for the Supply Chain
  • Green Seal & Nordic Swan Product Standards & Certified Products:
    Rob Kohlhagen, VP, JohnsonDiversey
  • Certified Sustainable Flooring, Lighting, Carpet & Furniture Products:
    Denny Darragh, CEO, Forbo Flooring
  • Online Training on all this information

Online Training Discount.
Participants are entitled to a 20% discount for 21 Online Training Programs with high quality streaming video and slides covering green buildings and sustainable products at this link:

For questions or interest in the online programs, please contact 202-338-3131 or MTS@sustainableproducts.com.

Dan Burgoyne
Sustainability Manager
California Department of General Services

Robin Bass
Huntsman Architectural Group
US Green Building Council - Northern California Chapter